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    June Homer

    Form Validation with Netscape 6

    Can anyone tell me why the following code will work in IE5 but not Netscape 6! The submit button of my form has onClick=validateForm()

    function validateForm(){

    function verify() {
    alert("This is a test");

    Any help greatly appreciated
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    Re: Form Validation with Netscape 6

    I first had to realize that I had turned off JavaScript in my browser (NS 4.7x)! Okay, fixed that.

    In your button, this should run the function:


    However, for maximum control, you might want to use the event handler in the FORM tag:

    <FORM onSubmit="return verify()">

    This way, if you don't want the form to submit, you can use "return false" in your event handler to prevent submission. Hope this helps.

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