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    Hello, for a while now I'm having problems when using email (Yahoo in this case). Once I am in my inbox, I click on a new email to open it, nothing happens. In order to open it up I need to right click and select "open in new window". It then opens a new window and I can read the email. Or I click on "compose", again, nothing happens and I can't get to the "compose" window to write an email. When I click on "refresh" I see the "loading" indication and the status bar says "done" yet I'm looking at an empty window. The other problem I'm having is, after I click on reply to respond to an email, write my email, then click on "send" nothing happens. I then have to go to "Drafts" where I find the email I typed but only part of it. From there (in drafts folder) I can then click on "send" and the email goes out. I am working with Windows XP in Firefox yet it has also happened in IE 6.0.2900. Has anyone had this or similar problems? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Tira

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    [quote name='Tira' post='768081' date='29-Mar-2009 04:13']I am working with Windows XP in Firefox yet it has also happened in IE 6.0.2900.[/quote]
    Have you considered updating your browsers? I'm not sure the rapidly changing webmail sites (Yahoo, Hotmail/Live, GMail all one-upping one another) still work well with older browsers.

    In Yahoo, are you using the "all-new" interface that opens everything in a "tab" overlaid over the Inbox, or the "Classic" interface?

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