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    I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) into which I want to enter time values in hours and minutes. I have formatted all cells which will have this data with a Custom setting of hh:mm. This is working fine, and I can use the values to perform other calculations (e.g. elapsed time between a start and finish time). I also want to sum the various values to provide a total elapsed time over a number of days. This also works fine until this value exceeds 24 hours, when it starts to provide the answer in days (and parts of a day) even though I have formatted the cell as above. I want to keep the calculation output in hours (e.g. 36 hours, 15 minutes, which I would like shown as 36:15). I'm sure this is possible, please could someone explain how I can do this.

    Thanks for any help given.

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    You can use a custom format [h]:mm or [hh]:mm.
    The square brackets tell Excel to display the hours as cumulative time instead of clock time.

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