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    I have an issue that is more irritating than a major problem but it's driving me nuts!

    Yesterday, the cat sat on the PC! I don't know what keys she hit, but something has since gone a little haywire......

    I have Windows Vista Business, 32-bit, set up with an administrator, then two standard accounts - one for work, one for personal stuff - with most items being set up into various folders for projects, etc. After I removed the cat, I noticed that this one particular subfolder was showing the normal yellow folder icon but no title - this applied to Extra Large, Large, Medium or Small icons, yet when you change the view to List, Details or Tiles, the title is there. With Windows Vista for Dummies at my side (but thankfully, not the cat!), I have tried a whole host of things but am obviously missing something here (I am not a particularly technical personal but that is probably quite apparent!). I have checked other folders and subfolders and everything else seems to be fine, just this one particular folder. As I prefer to use Large Icons I would like to find a solution so I can have the icon and see the title of the subfolder.

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received (but no, keeping the cat away from the PC is not an option, she's a law unto herself!)


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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    Right-click an empty part of the window.
    Select View from the popup menu.
    If the Hide File Names item in the submenu has a check mark, select this item to remove the check mark and to display file names.

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