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    Word/Naturally Speaking and RAM (Word 97 & 2000)

    I run Word 97 and Naturally Speaking under Windows 98 on an 18 month old 800MHz Athlon based PC with 128MB of PC100 RAM. My daughter has an almost identical setup, but with Word 2000/NatSpeak and 128MB of PC133 RAM.

    Having had conflicting advice, we'd very much like to know how much RAM to add to speed up the speech recognition program, and whether a total of 640MB would be too much and tend to cause Word to crash. We're thinking of adding two 256MB modules of PC133 SDRAM, CL=2 (is this more appropriate for our setup than memory with a SDRAM timing of CL=3?), unbuffered, non-parity, 7.5ns, 3.3V, 23Meg x 64 to each machine.

    Many thanks for any pointers


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    Re: Word/Naturally Speaking and RAM (Word 97 & 2000)

    A! Nick!

    What's to discuss? (New York accent, please) The more RAM the better. Take it to the limit if you are so inclined ($$ - RAM is pretty cheap these days). Parity is better than non, but more expensive. What's it to ya?

    Naturally Speaking is getting to be the really wonderful program they boasted it was (but was not!) a year or so ago. One thing for sure, you better have at least 256MB RAM and I'm going out on a really fat branch to say 512MB.

    What movie is this line from (too easy):

    "And that's another thing. Where do you come off calling me Nick? I don't know you from Adam's off ox."
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    Re: Word/Naturally Speaking and RAM (Word 97 & 2000)

    It also depends on your version of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I think that the versions since 3.52 have been optimized for the Pentium III chip which apparently has some special circuits for voice processing. With an Athalon you'll miss out on that, however you will want to be running at least Version 4.0.

    That said, 128 Mb of RAM is definitely not enough. The 512Mb that you are contemplating should get you about as much performance as you need. Probably the next enhancement that would help would be dual processors, but that would require Windows 2000, too.

    Have you tried the <A target="_blank" HREF= c=_85tpnas3gdtp78brnclh68qbjccn6ssr65sp68chv9to6ar igc5jma9i3dtqmst1t64o309ikclmn0r31ehil8ubgckuj49ik c5p6epbkal74ih1t70ojee22651j2d22652jighm88s3achl6o p38hhg60r34hi575300_> Dragon Naturally Speaking forums</A> on their website? There are people there who have bench tested these things to death.

    Also, very important is your sound card since most sound cards today are optimized for output rather than microphone input.

    Another good spot to check out is <A target="_blank" HREF=> Hints for Dragon Naturally Speaking</A>.

    Sorry so late, hope this helps.
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    Re: Word/Naturally Speaking and RAM (Word 97 & 2000)

    Thanks a lot for your very detailed reply Chas. I did in the end add 512KM of RAM to bring the total up to 640. There was a increase in performance, but not as much as I would have expected. It certainly looks like processor speed, etc, is also coming into the equation (roll on 10GHz chips!). I'll also move to Windows XP fairly soon after its available. The forum's also a really good idea which I'll definitely follow up.

    Thanks once again for taking the trouble to reply at length - much appreciated.



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