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    Hi, I have been asked to produce a report on client appointment information, between a certain date range - which is simple enough on it's own (1 client can have many appointments). However the complication is that they want to EXCLUDE appointment dates based on dates in another table - placements, where 1 client can have many placements. Placements have a start and end date, and a client can have multiple placements, it can be assumed that they don't overlap. So I want to exclude appointments that take place during any placement, but include appointments between any 2 placements.

    Is this even possible? If it is, could someone please offer guidance on how to construct the query? Thank you.

    Regards, Roger

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    You can first create a query based on the appoinments and placements tables that selects all appointments that fall within a placement.
    Then create a query based on the appointments table and on the first query that selects the appointments that don't occur in the first query.

    See the attached sample database.
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