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    I'm using OL 2003 SP3 on a standalone XP computer. MS Update says I'm current on all major updates.

    Intermittently, I get an error when trying to move a message to a folder or dismiss a calendar reminder. In the case of moving an item, the error says "Can't copy the item. You don't have permission to create an entry in this folder..." I am using an account that has administrator privileges. When I look at the properties of the folder I'm trying to move the item to, under the Admin tab, the info under "This folder is available to" is grayed out.

    Most of the suggestions I've found have to do with public/private folders and Exchange settings. None of those apply, since this is a standalone computer.

    I've been able to "fix" the problem by exiting Outlook and restarting it. It works fine for a while, then the problem returns.

    Any suggestions?


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    Things to try:

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