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    Tables of Authorities (Word 2000/Windows NT 4.0)

    One of our users called our Help Desk today with a problem with a TOA not printing correctly. In the course of trouble-shooting this problem, we noticed something that none of us had noticed before. When you generate a TOA by going through Insert/Index and Tables, the text of the TOA is in either the Table of Authorities or TOA heading style. However, if you do What's This on the text, it also shows directly applied formatting including a right adjust tab and no proofing. We tested some and found that anything generated through Insert/Index and Tables, including a Table of Contents, an Index and a Table of Figures, all carried some directly applied formatting. Since it's happening consistently, we figure that somebody at Microsoft thought this would be a good idea, but we fail to see the logic behind it. Does anybody have any idea why this formatting would show as direct formatting and not be included in the style?

    Lee Morgan

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    Re: Tables of Authorities (Word 2000/Windows NT 4.0)

    I've been checking back a few times a day to see if anyone has a reason for this since it has been happening to me also. Finally decided to look into it here and what I found is:

    When generating a TOC using index/tables and building TOC off of styles used, it would insert in the code "h z t ..." at the beginning. This would put in extra tab characters that wouldn't allow page numbers to right align, along with making TOC2-TOC9 lines all hyperlinks (instead of just the number). I would then have to go to each wrong line and re-apply my TOC style to it. In checking my TOC that worked fine in Word 97, my code began only with "t ...". I built a new TOC by using fields, checking all of the ? characters. I ended up with the code "w t ...". The "w" code preserved what I put in the style and did not add anything extra.

    Hope this helps.

    <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> Leanne

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