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    Can anybody explain this:

    I saw it in Outlook 2003 which ran already quite useful for more than a year.

    I got it since I did:
    1. installed Microsoft Office 2003
    2. started Visio for the first wanted to install stuf..I let it.
    3. uninstall mmm, which did mess up my right-mouse-clic, new in explorer!...leaving only New Folder...nothing else.
    4. installed SyncToy 2.0
    5. turning on...but unworkable...turning of UAC again.

    Anybody an idea?

    De Groenten Martin

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    [quote name='MartinAAA' post='769806' date='08-Apr-2009 13:38']Anybody an idea?[/quote]
    You're on Windows Vista and you got a popup about Windows 95? That is very, very strange.

    This occurs when you are using Outlook's address autocomplete? You could try renaming the nickname file, which is the file containing the stored addresses for that function. However, I first would do a very thorough set of security scans.

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