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    I have a spread sheet (workbook) that evidently has a password - I created it in 2006 - and have forgotten it.

    I ran a windows office password recovery tool from microsoft, but the password it comes up with won't work. I do not think I would ever have created the password it shows (*****7**3) or something like that. Never the less it won['t work.

    I am fairly certain that I would have created it in the form xx999999 but I can't seem to find the password.

    Since there is only one workbook / sheet involved, I am hesitant to spend $30 or so to solve the problem.

    Does anyone know a free or very cheap excel 2003 password cracker?

    Thanks in advance


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    You might try opening it in Open Office.

    Also see the topic starting at Password cracking (xp, 2003).

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