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    Hello All,

    Using Access 2007 I have created a to do list that has really helped keep me organized. Some of the regularly occurring items in the list require me to open another form, a query or a procedure in the database. My current solution is a form with the tasks in a subform and buttons on the main form that open the required form or other object. This is quickly becoming cumbersome because of the ever expanding number of buttons needed.

    It would be easier if a field in the table could be used to open the associated object directly. I know that I can add fields to a table that contain a link to an OLE object, a hyperlink or an attachment. Can a field in a table be used to open a form or other objects in the database? If not, does anybody have other ideas on how to improve my form?



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    You could use the On Dbl Click event of a control such as a text box to open another form.

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