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    I have a very long computer system disclosure table, which presents two system side by side in different columns, that I need to reverse the order of the systems in. Trouble is, there are rows that apply to both systems (i.e., CPU, Platform, Graphics, etc.). These rows prevent me from just highlighting an entire column, cutting, pasting into a blank Word document, cutting the 2nd column and then pasting into the now empty 1st column, and then pasting the 1st column contents into the now blank 2nd column (still follow me?). Pasting two very long rows of the general info. distorts the table and makes it hard to edit, since the table now stretches off of the page.

    It would be awesome if Word 2007 offers a macro command like "reverse (or switch) columns"

    Anyone know of a more efficient way I can accomplish this task?

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    Do you mean that the cells in some of the rows have been merged?

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    [quote name='ben000' post='770030' date='10-Apr-2009 21:29']It would be awesome if Word 2007 offers a macro command like "reverse (or switch) columns"[/quote]

    Well - if it's something that you are going to have to do often, then you could always create a macro while actually fixing it once - then you would have your 'awesome' macro! - if it's being imported from say, Excel, then you just do it section by section - missing out the P.I.A. cells in the process - or use a range operator in your VB code to only grab the cells that you need; this would stop from importing and then having to reformat!

    So, what format is the data originally in? - let's see if we can help you to import it 'nicely' into word with an awesome macro :-D

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