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    I am having a heck of a time with query logic. I am using the following:

    Drug: IIf([Component_Type_Code] And [Product_Type_Code] Is Null,"No","Yes")

    Everything is coming out "Yes" even though Component_Type_Code and Product_Type_Code are null.

    I used

    Drug: IIf([Component_Type_Code] And [Product_Type_Code] ="","No","Yes")

    That gives me an #Error and where it should equate to "No" it says "Yes" (where Component_Type_Code and Product_Type_Code are null).

    What am I doing wrong???

    I figured it out:

    Drug: IIf([Component_Type_Code] is Null And [Product_Type_Code] Is Null,"No","Yes")

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    Topic closed by HansV because the problem has been solved by the poster herself.

    PM me (or another moderator for this forum) if it should be reopened.

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