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Thread: Corrupt file

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    Corrupt file

    I have a folder [found.001] that reports have a corrupt file. I am not able to open the folder or deleat it. I also cannot run chkdsk. Doing so indicates that I cannot lock current disk and suggest I schedule it. I get same problem at startup. It also seems to want to check consistency of disk but goes through this option and will not allow me to answer the y/n question yes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Corrupt file

    Are you saying you cannot schedule chkdsk to run at the next boot?
    Or that you can schedule it, but it won't run and/or has problems running during the boot sequence?
    If any files are in use on the drive you want to run chkdsk on, your only option is to schedule it to run at the next re-start - personally, I run it on all our pc's and servers at least once every two weeks as a standard maintenance procedure.

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    Re: Corrupt file


    I cannot run chkdsk period. When I try from command promp or run window I get a message saying can not lock on drive. When I try to schedule for next boot the computer automatically runs past the yes/no question and automatically answers no hence no chkdsk. The computer will do a chkdks but will not do a chkdsk with the /f option. When just running chkdsk without the /f I appear to have a lot of problems. ( most of the problems seem to be files without valid links) I would like to find a way around this without reinstalling the software.

    Thanks for your reply and your help

    I also get an error in the command mode that "the specified disk appears to be a non-windows 2000 disk. Do you want to continue? (y/n)

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