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    Footnotes to endnotes - Roman numeral numbering (Word 2002)

    When I try to convert footnotes to endnotes, the note numbers change to Roman numerals (both in the text and the notes). Actually, this occurred in Word 2000, I just installed Word 2002 and haven't tried to do this yet in this version. The file is actually from an author (I am a publisher) who, I believe, uses Word 97.

    Another problem occurs when changing footnotes to endnotes, there is no way to add additional pages/material after the endnotes. I know they are, after all, "end" notes, but what about adding a bibliography or index which typically come after any notes.

    Any help? Thanks!

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    Re: Footnotes to endnotes - Roman numeral numbering (Word 2002)

    Luckily, these questions have answers!

    (1) To change the numbering style of footnotes or endnotes, select one of the relevant reference numbers in the document and choose Insert|Footnote... Click on the Options... button to change the numbering style. Choose OK in that second dialog and Close in the first one.

    (2) To add pages after the endnotes, you need to add a new section. Go to the end of the document and use Insert|Break, Next Page. Select an endnote reference number and open Insert|Footnote... and Options..., and change the first setting from End of document to End of section.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Footnotes to endnotes - Roman numeral numbering (Word 2002)

    Thanks! Your suggestions worked, of course. I assume the original author somehow changed the options to Roman numerals.

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