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    (Using Word 2007)

    I'm creating a set of related documents based on the same template. I want all the documents to have exactly the same styles and specifications.

    I know how to add a new style or changed specification to the template and that the new style or the changes will appear in a "New document based on the template."

    However is there a (best) method of passing styles and changes to documents which has already been created using this template?

    Supplementary question. Is there a way of updating the template for all styles at the same time. e.g. a button or macro which says "Update the template so that it has exactly the same style information as this document".

    Effectively what I want to have a is a single template which controls every aspect of the formatting of a set of documents and have that template ripple changes made in one document through to the other documents as easily as possible.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Jim Brook

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    In the document, activate the Developer tab of the ribbon.
    Click Document Template.
    "Automatically Update Document Styles" should be in there.

    You can use the Organizer to copy styles between documents / templates. Activate the Home tab of the ribbon, click Styles, Manage Styles, Import/export...

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