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    Background info: We have a process of remove work from the work schedule and adding work to the work schedule through a paper request. In the current realm of getting these requests reviewed the submitter will type up the form, print it out, print out support documents, and walk to the appropriate individuals and have them review the request and sign off as approve or deny. We want to take this process electronic so I have created a database to allow users to input requests and the appropriate people to review and the approve/deny requests from the database. So far my only sticking point is with the supporting documentation. I'm looking for a way to allow users to select the documents and have the documents moved to a shared directory and add a hyperlink to the request for the reviewers to see and pull up. And yes we only use Access 97, as much as it hurts me to say.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    You can create a Hyperlink field in your table, and create a text box bound to this field on the corresponding data entry form.
    The user can right-click the text box and select Hyperlink | Edit Hyperlink from the popup menu (I don't remember the exact command in Access 97).

    If you'd like to display your own file dialog, you can use the code from the zip file attached to Post 704686. (Access 2002 and later have a file dialog built in, but that is not available in Access 97; the code from the zip file works in any version).

    To move a file to another folder, you can use the old BASIC command Name:

    Name "C:\MyDocs\Test.doc" As "N:\Central\Documents\Test.doc"

    will move the file Test.doc from C:\MyDocs to N:\Central\Documents.

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