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    Howdy Hans,
    Managing files and subdirectories has always been like herding cats.
    Every system designer seems to have their own ideas about how things should be.
    I'm having to accommodate a system which chokes on file names containing spaces and
    the directory "...:\D n S\~Usr\Local Settings" caught my eye.
    I always thought I understood what this folder was all about, but then I thought the matter
    warranted looking it up in "Microsoft Windows Internals" by Mark Russinovich
    I didn't see it in the index and don't recall references to the subject.
    I'm sending him a note as well, but thought the subject merits discussion here as well.
    How do you explain "Local Settings"?
    Isn't it a subject about as significant as the "registry"?
    I understand that at one level it is just a subdirectory of D n S, or more precisely D n S\~Usr.
    As such, you can put it almost anywhere. Presumably it is just 'trancient data'.
    But IS it?
    Its major components are:
    Temporary Internet Files
    Application Data
    The more I think of it, the rules for the use of this area are not very well defined.
    A lot of that data is very temporary.
    But other cases it is used as persistent data across sessions!
    What bothers me most is that because of this ambiguous situation,
    it is fertile ground for MALWARE to hang out in!
    Of course, I'm not stupid either. This is where all the forensic guys go to figure out what you have been doing.
    But can you have it both ways?

    Hopefully you can just point me to a prior discussion.

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    If you're on a network with roaming profiles, you can log in on any PC in the network and still use most of the settings stored in your profile (among which the HKEY_CURRENT_USER part of the registry).
    This is done by copying part of your profile from C:\Documents and Settings to a network folder, so that it can be accessed from any PC in the network.
    The Local Settings subfolder is not copied, however, among other things to keep the size of the network copy down. That is the reason it's called Local Settings - unlike the other subfolders of your profile, they don't migrate from PC to PC.

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    For now, I think this sums up Mark Russinovich's thinking about the subject.
    It is more one of those unpleasant details than a subject in and of itself.
    Maybe that's one of the problems which contributes to all the GOTCHAs in Windows.
    Can you imagine how confused Medicine must have been before we realized there were bacteria and viruses?
    We were confused about DNA before the 50s! Maybe we are still pretty confused about it.
    -The world is easier to understand with the right paradigms.

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