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    Making files "Read Only"

    We're looking at various vendors for a "document imaging/file retrieval system" in our office. Documents get canned, saved, indexed, etc. - and we can eventually get rid of all of the hard copies.

    A recent vendor - whose product can save all the scanned images in .PDF format (which is a route I want to go, and .TIFF is another popular route) - when I asked them what is to prevent these scanned/saved images from being edited/altered (for example, if we send them as e-mail attachments) they said "Just save them as Read Only".

    Will this ABSOLUTELY prevent anyone from editing/altering these files - or can this be worked around?

    TIA for any/all help!!

    PS - If any of you have solutions/ideas for any parts of this process - PLEASE let me know!!

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    Re: Making files "Read Only"

    Read-only will only prevent a 'user' from saving the file with the same name (whether or not they have altered it). If that is all you want, it should be enough.
    But - it won't stop them altering it.
    .pdfs can be password protected but I'm not sure if that would prevent someone from doing a copy'n'paste to a new document, were they so inclined.
    At the end of the day, once someone has a document loaded onto their pc, there is little to stop them being devious. If your main aim is to protect the source of the documents - i.e. keep the original intact - I would look towards making the source directory itself read-only.

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