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    I have used Office 2000 for many years on my XP-Home computer. But recently I took the plunge to upgrade to Office 2007. Since I was worried about compatibility, I did not uninstall Office 2000, and I'm glad I didn't, because I find that there are major compatibility challenges between Word and (especially) PowerPoint 2007 with PageMaker (I know I shouldn't still be using PageMaker, but I find it difficult to justify the HUGE expense to upgrade).

    However, I do still find problems in having both versions on one computer, particularly after adding security fixes to either. I was recently introduced to Microsoft's Virtual Machine, which seems to offer a better solution to both versions of Office on one computer. I've tried it out on a test machine, and I was surprised at how easy it is.

    So (finally) my questions:

    1. Any downsides with this approach?

    2. I'll want to uninstall Office 2000 from the base machine. I'm told I must uninstall Office 2007 first, then Office 2000, then reinstall Office 2007 - true? If so, is there any way I can save all my Office 2007 settings and add-ons, and recover them after re-install?

    Any guidance will be gratefully received...


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    I can't answer your first question.

    About your second question: yes, you do need to uninstall Office 2007 first, then Office 2000, and finally reinstall Office 2007. Otherwise, some components of Office 2007 won't work correctly, or not at all.

    Your Office 2007 settings will probably be preserved.

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