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    Can anyone confirm for me what the default Comma Style is in a vanilla, out-of-the-box un-customised installation of Excel 2003?

    We have the MS Office Professional 2003 package as part of our core applications that are included in standard-build PCs. One of my Users has questioned the style behind the Comma Style button as illogical. As it stands, it appears to impose the Accounting format without a currency symbol. He's not happy because, inherent in the currency format is the alignment of the minus sign to the extreme left of the cell irrespective of the number if digits in the number. On wide cells with small numbers, he thinks it means you can overlook the fact that the number is negative.

    Like all styles in Excel, it can be changed and I'm not sure whether the Comma style, as implemented in our setup, was changed as part of the original packaging of Excel, (which was so long ago no-one remembers), or whether it's still MS default. "Microsoft Excel 2003 Inside & Out" has, on page 204, a box tip that suggests the Comma style applies the Currency format (where the minus sign is flush against the number) rather than the Accounting format, but it's unclear as the behaviour of the minus sign isn't mentioned.

    Does anyone know for sure?
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    The number format for these styles are all determined by the settings in Regional settings (Control panel), not by Excel.
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