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    For my organization's newsletter, I have to export a list of names from excel. The exported data contains two columns: the member name, and their category. Once I convert table to text in Word, I end up with each member on a separate line with their category title in front of their name. However, in the newsletter, all of the members under a particular category are listed beneath one heading, rather than each name having the category title included.

    The last time I did this, I ended up using find/replace to select the first instance of the category title. Then I added a paragraph return after it to make it the heading for that name section, and after that I resumed find/replace to go down the line and delete all subsequent occurrences of the category name. I have to repeat this manually for the eight or so categories we have. Is there a way to set up a macro in word that will automatically scan the document for the first occurrence of the category title, skip it (and, ideally, add a paragraph return after it), then delete all other occurrences thereafter? All of the titles are two words long; not sure if that makes it more complicated or not.

    Thanks in advance!

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    [quote name='CaptainCarrot' post='772720' date='28-Apr-2009 10:08']For my organization's newsletter, I have to export a list of names from excel.[/quote]
    I am not very skilled at using Word's mail merge feature, but this sounds like a possible candidate for a "catalog merge".

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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    Our moderator and Microsoft MVP macropod has written a tutorial with sample files. You'll find it attached to Word 97-2007 Mailmerge Tutorial: Create Sorted Listings.

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