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    I have a database (itís called master db) which will contain about 4k records. There are 20 departments that need access to the database; however, I only want them to have limited access to the data/records that is specific to their department.

    Currently, we shared the information with each department by creating a Make-Table Query that creates a table with their specific data in a new database. This gives them the ability to extract/query the data to meet their specific needs. Since there are 20 departments, we have 20 make-table queries to create the tables in 20 separate databases.

    The master db is consistently being updated, so the userís db/tables are only current each time we run the make-table query for the different departments.

    I have a working knowledge of Access, but I do not consider myself an expert.

    Iím looking for suggestions on how I can streamline the process to share the information in the master db with each department that they need, without having to run the 20 Make-Table Queries several times a day.

    Thanks for your help.

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    You could create frontend databases that link to the tables in the master database.
    The frontends could contain queries that select the records from the linked backend tables for a specific department.
    These queries can be used as the record source for the forms and reports in the frontend.
    That way you don't need to use make-table queries.

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