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    punch a hole in my security (97)

    so I put my system online for use (hallejeuah!) & am reasonably confident that my system is safe but would appreciate if someone could crack my security model.

    I have a front end mde & and a back end mdb. They

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    Re: punch a hole in my security (97)

    I take it that you have a password on Admin.

    If I knew your loging name, say if I knew you logged in to the MDB database with the name Administrator. I would create a new workgroup file and loginto a new access database and create that login. If you set up your Personal ID as the same as your ID. I would then be able to login to your database with your permissions. So from my new database I would link to your database and copy your data away happily. Other than trying that you seem to have it covered as far as I can see.

    One thing I always do is create a GETOUT macro on autokeys, which disables and enables the ability to use all the SHIFT key on load and other little features. So that if you forget your password you are not completely stuffed.

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