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Thread: Query by date

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    I have a sub form that tracks things in and out
    Description ----Action-------Location----------Date
    Holder 1 out Boss 03/05/09
    Holder 1 in got back 04/01/09
    Holder 1 out East 40D 04/28/09

    I would like to be able to make a query that will let me know where Holder 1 is right now. Some kind of formula that will pull only the latest date-04/28/09 and not 04/01/09 or 03/05/09óCan this be done?
    The result would be Holder 1 Action out Location East 40D on 04/28/09

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    You can see an example in the database in Post 740974. HansV describes the method to use earlier in the same thread

    You have to create a query that calculates the max date for the Holder 1 (Max Date and Description will be your only fields in the query) and then link that query to the complete table. Linking on Max Date to date and description to description.

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