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    Certificate information windows are popping up all the timewith yes, no, view certificate choices. The view certificate option says"This CA root certificate is not trusted. To enable trust, install this certificate in the Trusted Root Certificate Connections Authorities store. Issued to: Issued by: Valued for. The "´ssued to" apparently relates to advertising. How can I keep these certificates from popping up? I don't want to install them, do I? My Microsoft Security is set at "recommended", although previously it was at "highest"because I was traveling.

    My heartfelt thanks in advance for help.

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    [quote name='skwang896' post='773369' date='02-May-2009 01:23']The view certificate option says"This CA root certificate is not trusted.[/quote]
    We would need details of the specific certificates to offer sound advice. Does this happen when you visit particular web sites? Can you tell us the information it shows under "Certificate Issued by..." and "Certificate Issued to...".

    There have been updates on Microsoft Update that included new trusted root certificates. Are you fully up-to-date with patches?

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