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    I have a document which will have a load of CVs in of the Annex. It is often difficult when flicking through to keep track of who is who if the name appears only once at the top of each CV. Therefore I want to put the person's name in the footer of each page so that you can always see who's CV you are currently looking at if they are several pages each.

    I imagine you can do this with fields and references. I am an advanced MS Word user, but don't know who to do this when there are multiple CVs. The person's name is always part of the Annex Title, which is a level 2 heading of the format "Annex A.1 - Daffy Duck". The next CV would be "Annex A.2 - Donald Duck" etc. At the moment there are no section breaks between CVs, just page breaks.

    Can anyone help?

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    You can use the StyleRef field for this:
    - Activate the page footer.
    - Select Insert | Field...
    - Select StyleRef in the list of fields.
    - Select the style used for the Annex Title.
    - There are various options you can set, but you probably won't need them.
    - Click OK.

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