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    This is something that has anoyed me about Excel for a long time; how to get the 'Look In' drop down field on the Replace Tab of Excels Find & Replace dialog, to include VALUES as an option and not just FORMULAS which it always seems to default to. If you switch to the FIND tab then Look In will include VALUES as well as COMMENTS but thats no good if you are trying to Replace something.

    I know this is possible because I do somehow, after a lot of tinkering with the Find & Replace dialog, will get Look In to list VALUES in the drop down. I don;t know how I do it when this happens and every time I need to do this I have to spend X amount of time trying to get Excel to let me choose VALUES.

    Does anyone know what the deal is with Excels Find & Replace making it so difficult to Look In VALUES?

    BTW - I'm needing to select VALUES because what I'm trying to replace is the non-visible character that has the ASCII value of 160 which for some reason the software we use, likes to enbed into the cells of Worksheets it creates to list reporting info on the accounting application we use.


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    Excel does not allow you to select Values when in the F&R box. This is why you cannot F&R in cells with more than 1024 characters of text (you get a bogus formula too long error). My FLexfind tool does allow this however:
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