I recently installed Microsoft Office 2007 Professional and have been exploring/playing around with the new features, in particular, InfoPath 2007.

I have just created a small form with two fields, one a drop-down list and the other a text box. The drop-down list provides a list of items stored in an Access 2007 database and the second field displays the relevant database field in the second column for the item selected. At least, that's the theory ...

I found this little exercise on the internet and have followed it step-by-step, which included creating the database, creating the form and binding the fields to the database. Everything seemed to work fine until I got to the point of testing the form.

When I try opening the form, I get a pop-up window which advises that one or more of my data sources may be offline. When I select "Try to Connecr", I am the told:

"InfoPath contacted a data source but failed to receive any data. The form will load without any data."

Clicking on the Details button then gave the message:

"The query cannot be run for the following DataObject: Fruits
InfoPath cannot run the specified query.
InfoPath cannot connect to the data source.
Access is denied.
Access is denied."

I cannot see where this error is coming from and any help would be greatly appreciated.