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    So a Word 2007 document crashed (likely due to a problem with footnoting) and will not open now. Word recovery is useless, as is the detail description of the problem. I did save the document also in PDF format, and I need to convert the PDF to Word. I tried save as>word document, but that is nearly useless. There's a looming deadline, and this is super serious. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Also, I did open the corrupt document in WinRar format but am unsure what to do with all the XML format components--basically, I need to reconstruct this document ASAP.

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    Do you have a recent backup? If so, go back to that. If not, why don't you?

    Since the PDF file mostly stores an image of the document the way it looks when printed, it doesn't contain the exact structure of the document. So although it should be possible to retrieve the text of the document, you probably won't be able to get a reasonable copy of the Word document from the PDF file.

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