Hi all,

Just a 'heads up' to let you know there's a potentially serious Find/Replace Bug involving in-line shapes in Word 2007 SP2.

In essence if you've got an in-line shape (eg an equation editor object or an image) with two of the same character, such as:
. the letter 'a';
. a space;
. a manual line-feed; or
. a paragraph break
on both sides of the object and you do a Find/Replace to change the pairs of these characters to anything else (eg double spaces to single spaces) or nothing, the in-line shape will be deleted, along with the characters either side and be replaced with the replacement string (or nothing).

Update: It also happens in the 'Find' characters are diiferent. For example, if there's an in-line shape with a manual line break beforehand and a pragraph break afterwards, a 'Find' for '^l^p' will clobber the in-line shape.