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    Master Documents Stability? (Word 2000/XP)

    A few years ago, WOW was frequently advising readers not to use the Master Documents feature in Word. It was considered unstable and could lead to major problems. Have current versions of Word (2000 / XP) improved this feature? Would you recommend the feature now?


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    Re: Master Documents Stability? (Word 2000/XP)

    It still doesn't work. The consensus among those offering advice on the Microsoft Word newsgroups is that using the Master Document feature is a sure way to destroy your document. It can destroy parts of your document that you are not even working on! I think John McGhie said it succinctly when he said that there are two kinds of Master Documents: Those that are corrupt and those that will be corrupt soon. See ( for information on the Master Document feature and workarounds. See <A target="_blank" HREF=>Why Master Documents Corrupt ( for more information on what goes wrong, and <A target="_blank" HREF=>How to Recover Master Documents</A> ( for ideas on how to salvage what you can.

    Hope this helps.
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