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    We are trying to build a document that has both tables and figures. I'd like to automatically build both reference tables, the Table of Figures and the Table of Tables using the label to differentiate. Can this be done in Word 2003 or am I stuck building it by hand (or worse, compiling both types in the same listing)?

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    You can have Word insert a caption automatically for tables and figures:
    - Select Insert | Reference | Caption...
    - Click Automatically...
    - Tick the check boxes for Microsoft Word table and Microsoft Word figure.
    - Click OK.

    It's also possible to insert the captions semi-automatically:
    - Select a table or figure.
    - Select Insert | Reference | Caption...
    - Select the appropriate caption type.
    - Click OK.

    Word can use these captions to create a table of tables and/or a table of figures:
    - Place the insertion point where you want the table to appear.
    - Select Insert | Reference | Index and tables...
    - Activate the List of figures tab.
    - Select the caption type.
    - Click OK.

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