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    I've switched from 2003 to 2007. However, some annoyances are the same.

    1. Sometimes I copy, say, half a dozen items. The notification says something like "copied 4 of 24," "copied 5 of 24." Yet when I go to my target document, there is only one item (the most recent). What's up with that? I usually copy within Word, where this can be a problem. But if I try to copy from Access to Word, I don't think it ever remembers my clippings.

    2. I usually want to paste my clipboard items as Unformatted Text. Is there a way to do this, other than (my present method) Paste into target document, Undo, Paste Special-Unformatted. This works, but I wonder if I can save a step or two.

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    Perhaps a clipboard extender utility would be useful to you. You'll find many, some of them totally free, if you search Google for clipboard utilities or for clipboard extender.

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