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    Hi All,

    I am looking for some help in creating a directory mail merge and then emailing it to individuals. I have data in spreadsheet in the following format.

    Publisher Books Email
    PubA Title One
    PubA Title Two
    PubA Title Three
    PubB Book One
    PubB Book Two
    PubC One Volume
    PubD Another Text
    PubE First of Many Books
    PubE Second of Many Books
    PubE Third of Many Books
    PubE Last of Many Books

    I have created a directory mail merge in which I have got one letter for each publisher consisting of books list I need to order. i.e. One letter to PubA with all three titles. My letter varies with publisher according to number of books.

    The problem I am facing is how to email these letters to just one email Id using outlook.
    For example, I want to send my directory mail merge to Publisher PubA just once on his email and not three times as shown in my excel spreadsheet.

    I have tried merging with new documents and emailing but it mails all 5 letters together to all the emails present in the spreadsheet.

    I want individual letters to specific recipients only.

    I hope I have explained my problem.

    Any feedback or help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    This is a duplicate of Post 775821. Please don't post the same question in different forums - it will lead to confusion.

    This topic is locked, please post any replies in the other topic.

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