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    I have been prowling around the archives (thanks for a search engine that works!!), and have not seen any comments about this. I am sure there are, but I am guessing that my searching technique doesn't work well.

    I have an Excel file that has multiple worksheets. I need (well, it would make life easier) to view two worksheets independently. That is, I want to move around one worksheet without affecting the other, similar to the way Word allows you to split things. Is there a way to do this without using the Windows tile function, which wastes a LOT of screen space?

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    If you want to view two worksheets in the same workbook:
    - Make sure that the workbook is active.
    - Select Window | New Window.
    - Select Window | Arrange...
    - Tick the check box "Windows of active workbook".
    - Select an option to arrange the windows (Horizontal, Vertical, ...)
    - Click OK.
    - You can view different worksheets in each of the windows, scroll them independently etc.

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