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    AOL loses my mail (5.00.2919.6600)

    About 8 weeks ago I discovered my e-mails were not being received by AOL users and the messages are not returned to me "unable to deliver". I use Outlook Express and my ISP, Snip, claims no problems like this recorded by other users. I have tried sending e-mails from other e-mail accounts which are all web based accounts and the messages ARE received by AOL users. Any thoughts would be appreciated as it is impossible to get anything out of AOL by me or AOL users who have tried for me.

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    Re: AOL loses my mail (5.00.2919.6600)

    sounds like aol is blocking your isp - it could be as simple as it's not showing up on a reverse look up or they are on a spam list and blocked as a spam relay. i forget the address of the spam list, but it has a list of all spam relays.

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