I did a dumb thing today. I have a laptop w/ W2000 pro installed. Which I know enough about to be dangerous. When I set it up initially, I just used the Administrator user and did not install a PW. (Which I know is not advisable.) Today, I was setting up some software which required me to add a user. The "Add User" button in the control Panel was greyed out until I checked the "Use Passwords" check box in the Users dialog box in control panel and then added a power user , called Carol. When I added the user, I deselected the use password checkbox but (stupidly) did not set up an admin pw.

Ths software I was installing requires IE 5.5. In the middle of installing, it had me restart. Well, now I cannot log in as Administrator - it's asking for a PW and I have no CLUE what to do since I did not even set up w/ a PW. But it will not let me in w/o a PW now. I have tried all of the PW's that I usually use and none of these work. Argh! The login Carol does not let me into Windows either because it's in the middle of an install and I need to login as Administrator.

I think I am basically hosed. Is there ANYTHING you can think of?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!