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    I have developed a spreadsheet application that includes the use of the Microsoft Date & Time Picker control.
    All runs sweet on my development PC, but when I went to run it on another PC it came up with an error to do with an unknown identifier (DATE).
    When I checked the "Tools" - "References" on the second PC, I noticed that the control "Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0(SP4)" was not available.
    I copied the file "mscomct2.ocx" to C:\Windows\System32\ on the target system and registered the control without problem.
    The question now arises to me...
    Using VBA, how can I check that this control is either present (or not) on the target system and how can I register the control if it is not?

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    It can be quite difficult to make code with missing reference work.

    As an alternative, you could use a calendar created as a userform - see for example Userform Calendar Control or Orlando's VBA and Excel Site (free download of popup calendar for Excel).

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