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    A few weeks ago I updated from IE7 to 8 only to find that the new version took 35 seconds to open from first click on icon in quick launch or desktop shortcut to the "about blank" home page or anywhere else or any link that required use of Internet explorer. Plus some sites took much longer to open. This using XP home. On my updated to IE8 Vista machine this was not the case. Thinking the download had been corrupted on the XP system I uninstalled and went back to using IE7 for a while on the XP machine with no problems. The other day I thought I'd give it another shot so downloaded and installed IE8 again but same result, everything was slow ..slow ..slow. Further investigation via google etc discovered this IE 8 Slow which relates to Spybot and Spyware Blaster.

    Sure enough by disabling the immunise on Spybot Search and Destroy, Internet explorer opens in about 10 seconds, and with Spyware Blaster "disable all protection" in 2 seconds!! Dont know if this is the same in my Vista machine as I dont have Spyware Blaster on that one. Incedently, Firefox browser didn't suffer quite so much but was still sluggish. Just thought I'd post that in case it might affect others and might save them a bit of time trying to figure out the reason.

    Oh yeah, I know many of you are going to urge the use of Firefox but there are still a lot of us that actually like and prefer Internet Explorer

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    The Spybot immunization problem was already mentioned in Internet Explorer as PC Power Brakes?, but it's good to have this mentioned again, since the solution is buried rather deep in that topic.

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