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    milliHelen (sub-unit): that quantity of female facial beauty sufficient to launch a single ship

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    [quote name='BATcher' post='776809' date='25-May-2009 04:51']Did you know... That a spider's web can be too sticky?[/quote]
    Yes, I did!
    As does any reader of Richard Dawkins.
    Quotes like these" ... forcing the creatures to evolve webs of an optimal stickiness, ..." really annoy me.
    Nothing forces a spider to do anything; Spiders (or any other creatures for that matter) follow a path of economically viable modifications.
    In this case the economies brought about by probability of breaking/losing etc result in those spiders being more successful.
    But when all is said and done, it is a matter of how much effort/energy/resources to put into a device and the benefits that accrue.

    I am very fond of Richard Dawkins explanations of why male sea-lions, with their harem-structures, still represent 0% of sea-lion births; that is, why, when so few males are "needed", does the birth sex distribution remain close to 50-50.

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