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    Can anyone tell me or comment on a program called "Advanced System Care" ???
    Thank you.

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    [quote name='PaJan' post='776928' date='25-May-2009 20:16']Can anyone tell me or comment on a program called "Advanced System Care" ???[/quote]

    I tested this on a system a while back. I don't have anything bad to say nor do I have anything good to say. I guess it is OK. I just tend to do most of this sort of stuff routinely myself and don't fell I need a program like this.

    I tend to disbelieve claims of large performance improvements. No one every documents their results backed with the methodology used. I have come to think that registry cleaners are of little use in a modern system. How Windows accesses the registry has changed since the days of Windows 95/98 when a regsitry cleaner could produce measurable performance benefits. With the opportunity to damage the registry always present I just don't think that a registry cleaner is worth the risk.

    The thing that irritates me most about this and other similar programs is that you can not find out what they really do ahead of time. This program claims to fix multiple system errors. What errors? What does it change?


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