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    I have Norton Internet Security set to run weekly scans I want to disable them. I tried going into Settings, clicking Configure under Computer Scans, clicking Settings, and then in the window that appears, uncheckign the day that the weekly scans run, but Norton tells me that since I have Weekly Scans selected, at least one day of the week must be selected. I want to unselect Weekly Scans, but I don't want any of the other options (daily, monthly, etc.). I just want to manually run a scan once a week. How can this be done?



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    From Idle Time Scan Vs Schedule Scan:
    To delete a scan schedule
    In the Norton Internet Security main window, in the Computer pane, click Settings.
    Under Computer Scans, in the Manage Scans row, click Configure.
    In the Scan dialog box, next to the scan with the schedule that you want to delete, click Scan scheduled.
    In the Schedule dialog box, check Show multiple schedules.
    Select the schedule that you want to delete.
    Click Delete.
    Click OK.

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