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    Help! I'm having a problem with the recurring tasks function in MS Project 2003. I have a task which will recur on a specific day each month. I've entered all the information and it seemed to work. However, the recurring tasks are showing on separate lines. When I roll up to the main task description, the tick marks disappear. How can I get them to show up on one line? I'm attaching an example so you can see what I mean. Thanks for your help.

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    I did not see an attached file, but depending on the way the timeline is formatted and the duration of the tasks you might take a look at Format ==> Layout. There is checkbox for "Round Bars to Whole Days" and it will be checked by default, try unchecking it, or try to zoom in on the Gantt Chart View. Project will not render some elements if you are zoomed out too much. For example Non-working days will display as gray bars if you have the bottom tier of the timescale set for days. If you zoom out to days count of three in the bottom timeasale tier the gray bars dissappear.

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