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    My Main Server at Home is Vista Ultimate PC.
    The Laptops are running on XP Home SP3 or Windows 2000 SP4

    Private Network File Sharing is set to Password Protected Sharing Off on Vista Machine.
    This happens WITH or WITHOUT Zone Alarm Firewalls Running
    The IP Addresses of all connecting laptops are entered in ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Firewall.

    There are 4 Laptops that can connect via wireless.
    They are ALL Members of the Same Named Workgroup.

    On ALL but 1 laptop, they Connect to the Server PC for File and Printer sharing
    without a prompt.

    On One Laptop which is running
    XP Home 2002 Edition with XP SP3,

    If trying to view files on Main Vista PC,
    then a prompt for Login name and Password is requested.
    None of the others do this.

    If I try to connect to this Laptop from the Main PC, then there is a direct connect with NO Prompt.

    All other XP and 2000 laptops connect for both files and printers with NO Prompt.

    I can see NO difference in the settings, so anyone any ideas why this might happen.

    I am sure it is something trivial, but it is driving me nuts.


    Oh Yes... There are Accounts on All PC's, and the Laptop Admin Account is also on the Main Vista PC.
    This happens regardless of whether the Laptop is logged as Admin or Otherwise.

    As another bit of Info

    Of the other Laptops...
    None have an account which is on the Vista PC.
    Two are XP and One 2000 Pro.
    The Account Names on these are NOT on the Master PC, BUT they still connect OK without any password prompts.
    You can see why it is driving me nuts

    I recently just tested with another Vista Home laptop to see if it was OK,
    and it keeps prompting as well.
    When I connect, it offers to remember the password, BUT next time in it hasn't.

    I tried this on the Networking Board BUT no solution.

    Attached File shows Connection Settings.

    Anyone got any ideas why I get a prompt, and cannot share printers unless I have logged on the files?

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    [quote name='AndrewKKWalker' post='777209' date='27-May-2009 17:58']Anyone got any ideas why I get a prompt, and cannot share printers unless I have logged on the files?[/quote]

    You already started a thread with Post 776311 in Networking Your Home. Please do not duplicate threads. I'm locking this. Please post in the original thread.


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