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    In Word, sometimes the roman numeral next to a heading (e.g., XLIII) is so long that when it appears in the TOC, the words that follow it do not line up with those of the entry before or after it that are preceded by a shorter roman numeral. I have noticed publishers handle this problem by not having the roman numeral aligned left to right, such that it pushes the following text an extra tab over if it is too long. Rather, they have it aligned right to left, so that the long roman numeral continues moving outwards towards the left rather than pushing the text following it on the right over an extra tab. How can I do that?



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    As far as I know, you cannot do that in a TOC. The "numbering" in the TOC is *not* real numbering, it's just a reference to the numbering of the original text.

    You can, however, move the tab stop in the TOC to the right, or remove the tab stop altogether and create a hanging indent sufficient to move the text away from the longest Roman numeral you expect to need.

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