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    Numbering Paragraphs (Word97)

    I'm having trouble getting Word to allow me to restart the numbering sequence for a new set of paragraphs. I'm trying to do 1,2,3, etc. and then restart 1,2,3. I've tried making it different sections, breaking onto different pages, all with no results. It can't be as hard as I'm making it. What's the secret?

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    Re: Numbering Paragraphs (Word97)

    I think this is what you're talking about...
    no sections, breaks or anything like that needed.

    -Right click on the last paragraph of the first set of numbers and choose Bullets and numbering
    -Make note of whether you're using the Numbering or Outline Numbering tab and what row and column is selected for your numbering scheme.
    -Click Cancel and right click on the first paragraph where you would like the new numbering to start.
    -Make sure that you're using the same tab and row/column AND that the restart numbering option button is selected.

    I've been burned both ways because I forgot to check one way or another. Since then I've been extraordinarily careful with Word numbering.

    If it doesn't work let us know!!
    have fun

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