We just setup 2000 on one of the computers in our small office. We use this computer for our file, print, and local e-mail server. It was only after it was installed and running that we discovered that only 10 users can be logged in at any one time. We have 10 users in the office.

We think we have found a workaround, but I need to know if my assumptions are correct. We setup users on the "server" in Win 2000 and then have each user (running Win 98se on workstations) login under that user name. We also created a batch file which maps our data to the "s" drive on each persons workstation. This batch file runs at startup. I'm assuming that it is the mapping of the drive and not the user name/password login at boot up that is opening a connection with the "server". If this is so, then we can remove the batch file from select workstations and unless someone actually opens a file from the server or prints through it they will not be connected to it. This will allow us some "rotation" since all 10 users will not be needing to access the server at one time. I hope all this makes since. If anyone can verify that I am correct in my assumptions or make any suggestions, they would be appreciated.