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    The thread at Post 777876 got me started, after the wife hit over the head a couple of times.
    Well we have a life time supply of these disks, sleeves and storage boxes of various sizes and shape. You can have all you want, all you need to is come get them, or send me your money and I will ship them to you :smile:

    I have gotten the ones under my desk piled up in the garage, but she (the wife) has NOT gotten out the ones under her desk.

    Some contain software and most are BLANK, new and used.

    But you can not have the one shown in the attachment, it is version 2.0
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    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    What a coincidence - earlier today I dumped all my diskettes.

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    The Lab where I work recently had to BUY 3.5 inch floppies (and a USB floppy drive) for transferring data from a couple of Vitek analysers (bacteriology things) to a PC which runs deep analysis software for epidemiology purposes.

    The Virology analyser used to use Superdisks for a similar purpose, but they've recently upgraded to a new machine which can use USB keys to transfer data. Just in time for the IT department to install Sanctuary to lock down the USB ports on all the PCs.

    Except for Sandisk encrypted sticks. These autorun the login software when you plug it in to a PC. (See also this post Post 778081) The analysers aren't PCs, although they look like they're running some cut down version of Windows (when they blue-screen)
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