I am running Office 2007 on a Vista Operating system. How can I customize the order of the "Favorite Links" that come up on the left side of the "Save As" dialog box when saving Word documents? I am able to drag them to the order I want, but the next time I restart the computer they have returned to their default order. I would like my two most often used folders to show at the top of the list.

In the interim, I have addressed the issue by placing a shortcut to my second most-used folder in the "Templates" folder, because that that is the "favorite" that shows first (even though I never save anything there - Office is so annoying to assume it knows my favorites!).

I've poked around online some, but all the fixes I've found are for earlier operating systems and don't seem to fit.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

If you know for a fact that this is NOT possible, let me know. But since they are draggable, it seems to me there must be a way to make it stick.